T53 Repair Station

Cappsco International Corp.

DGAC CERT. # E-461 | South Africa Civil Aviation Cert. AMO # 1336

 T53 Repair Station

Cappsco Int. Has Demonstrated Our Responsibility & Obligation to Each and Every Customer for the Past 17 Years.

Our Experience and Understanding of the T53 Engine, Has Allowed Cappsco to Provide the Very Best Quality and Cost-Effective Solutions to your T53 Needs.

T53 Repair Station

T53 Repair Station | T53 Turboshaft Engine Overhauls & Repairs | Field Repairs | TA Fuel Control | PTG Governor

T53 Repair Station | Turboshaft Engine Overhaul | T53 Repairs | T53 SB & AD’s Compliance | FCU | Governor



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FAA Certified T53 Repair Station
DGAC Certified Maintenance Facility
South Africa Civil Aviation Regulations Certified
SACAA Certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization

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