T53 Military Repair Overhaul

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T53 Repair Overhaul

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Power Generator Engines (PGE) | Functional Testing in our Testcell of all T53 Military Repair or Overhaul.

Cappsco’s T53 Military Repair Overhaul Capabilities

  • T53 L-11
    825 Hp / 615 kW
  • T53 L-13B
    1,400 Hp / 1,044 kW  – Improved T53 L-11
  • T53 L-701
    1,400 Hp / 1,044 kW  – Turboprop variant
  • T53 L-703
    1,800 Hp / 1,343 kW – Improved durability variant of the T53 L-13B
T53 Military Repair Overhaul

T53 Military Repair Overhaul


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FAA Certified T53 Repair Station
DGAC Certified Maintenance Facility
South Africa Civil Aviation Regulations Certified
SACAA Certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization

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