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The index below are topics discussed in our Basic Understanding and Best Practices. Here you will find support for the T53 series turbine from the theory and real knowledge collected from years of hands on and over the phone support to customers around the world.


This information is designed to provide help with better understanding of the T53 Series Engine Family and it’s many application. All Information contained herein is intended as a general guide for systematic troubleshoot practices.

Basic Understanding &
Best Practices

Index of Articles

T53 – Engine External Components

T53 – Fuel System

T53 – Oil Pressure System

T53 – Air Pressure System

T53 – Troubleshooting

  • T53 Engine is not Starting

T53 – Engine Types

  • T53 -11 Series
  • T53 -13 Series
  • T53 -17 Series
  • T53-L -13 Series
  • T53-L-703 Series

The following directional references.
(See Photo Below Left Side View)

  • FRONT – End of engine from which output power is extracted,
  • REAR – End of engine from which exhaust gases are expelled.
  • RIGHT AND LEFT – Determined by observing the engine from the exhaust end (rear),
  • BOTTOM – Determined by location of accessory drive gearbox.
  • TOP – Directly opposite, or 180 degrees from, the accessory drive gearbox, (The hot-air solenoid valve is at the top of the engine,)
  • Determined as viewed from the rear of the engine. Direction of rotation of the compressor rotor and first stage turbine (GP – gas producer) rotor is counterclockwise, The second stage turbine (PT – power turbine) rotor and the power output gearshaft rotate clockwise.
  • O’CLOCK – Position expressed as viewed from the rear of the engine.

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