T53 – Fuel Manifold Assembly

Identification & Location

The fuel manifolds assembly is secured to the rear of the combustion chamber housing.

System Design

The main fuel manifold assembly is a two piece separately milled channeled manifold. One channel for primary fuel and one for secondary fuel flow to the 11 atomizing nozzles ports per manifold half. Each half contains four filters, but only two filters on each half are in use. Only the filters at the 6 o’clock are in use, the remaining two filters are capped off.

Fuel entering the primary section of the atomizer passes through the primary screen and continues to flow through the center of the nozzle to the swirl chamber located internally in the head of the nozzle. The fine spray density established by the primary swirl slots is required to start and run the engine. Higher N1 speeds require additional fuel and a heavier density spray pattern, therefore secondary fuel flow is introduced through the nozzle at speeds above 32 percent N1. The secondary flow enters the outer shell of the nozzle and passes through the secondary screen into the secondary swirl slots. The secondary swirl slots, being slightly larger in size than the primary swirl slots, allow a greater volume of fuel to be discharged into the combustor.


Accumulation of deposits/coking can be minimized by periodically having them cleaned and functionally tested on intervals of around 300hrs of operation. Get a Quote