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The T53 fuel system consists of the engine inlet air pressure sensing line, inlet air temperature sensing bulb, fuel regulator, power turbine governor, start fuel solenoid, starting fuel line, check-filter purge valve, start fuel nozzles, fuel flow divider, main fuel manifold, and pressure operated combustor drain valve. The main fuel system delivers metered fuel from the fuel control to the main fuel manifold where it is discharged through 22 fuel nozzles into the combustion chamber. Main fuel is ignited by the burning starting fuel.

T53 Fuel Control Unit
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Starting Fuel System

Fuel flows through an external line from the Fuel Control to the starting fuel solenoid. The solenoid is a two-position cockpit controlled valve, electrically opened and spring-loaded closed incorporating an internal 100 mesh filter. With the valve energized to the open position, fuel flows through an external line and connects to the starting fuel manifold. The starting fuel manifolds have one inlet port and four outlet ports. Start Fuel Nozzles allow fuel enters the combustor at the nozzle tip at an 80 degree fine cone mist. Combustor air pressure is directed through holes in the nozzle shroud and discharged at the nozzle tip for cooling purposes.

At 40 percent N1 speed, the ignition, starting fuel solenoid valve and starter are de-energized to close and stop the flow of starting fuel. The check filter valve opens and bleeds pressurized air from the combustor to purge fuel from the starting fuel lines and nozzles.

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T53 Turbine Engine – Basic Understand & Best Practices
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