T53 – Starting Fuel Nozzles

Identification and Location

Connected to the four outlet ports are four starting fuel nozzles which are located at the 2-, 4-, 8-, and 10-o’clock positions of the combustor housing.

System Design

Starting fuel flowing the into the combustion chamber through the 4 starting fuel nozzles. They are then ignited by igniter plugs adjacent to the starting fuel nozzles in the combustion chamber. As the compressor rotor speed (N1) increases main fuel flows into the combustion chamber through 22 main fuel nozzles and is ignited by the burning starting fuel.


Accumulation of deposits/coking can be minimized by periodically having them cleaned and functionally tested on intervals of around 300hrs of operation. Get a Quote

Variations in wide cut fuel quality or the use of kerosene type fuels can increase the rate of carbon deposit on Fuel Nozzles especially during long periods of steady state operation.