T53 Test Cell

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DGAC CERT. # E-461 | South Africa Civil Aviation Cert. AMO # 1336

Come See Your Engine Run In our T53 Test Cell!!!

We Welcome and Encourage Our Customers to come Visit Our
Facility and to Observe your Engine being ran in Our T53 Test Cell

Our T53 Test Cell uses a precisely controlled Water Brake System
allowing us to efficiently test the T53 Turbo Shaft Engine for any and problems.
During the T53 Test Cell Run all Oil & Fuel will be monitored through our Turbine flow meters,
while closely monitored the Vibrations for a Safe and Powerful Engine.
We want to ensure a Smooth & Safe Dependable running engine for our Customers and Pilots.
For Service Bulletin 0100, AD 2002/13/01, With Our T53 Test Cell we utilize the Vibrex™ which
allows us to review data of any vibration output by the Engine to make the right adjustment.

Feel free to Contact Cappsco International at anytime, to see what Our Team can do for your Operation.
Everyone Here at Cappsco wants to thank you for your interest in our Company.

FAA Certified T53 Repair Station
DGAC Certified Maintenance Facility
South Africa Civil Aviation Regulations Certified
SACAA Certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization

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