T53 – Fuel Control Unit

Identification & Location

The fuel control assembly consists of an overspeed governor and
a fuel regulator. The fuel control mounts on the left side of the accessory gearbox.

System Design

The fuel control is a hydro mechanical device containing a dual
element fuel pump, compressor rotor speed governor,
acceleration and deceleration control, air bleed control signal
mechanism, inlet guide vane control signal mechanism, fuel
shutoff valve and an emergency (manual) control system. T

The fuel control is divided into a flow control section
and a computer section.The flow control section consists of
components that schedule the position of the metering valve of
the flow control section as a function of input signals

Emergency Solenoid Valve

Identification & Location

The emergency solenoid valve is mounted on the fuel control.

System Design

It is a two position valve, which when positioned to automatic,
directs fuel flow to the (automatic) metering valve. When the
valve is positioned to emergency, it directs fuel to the emergency
(manual) metering valve.

If either the sleeve assembly or valve is damaged, both parts
must be replaced. When removing the sleeve, make certain not to allow the detent balls in the sleeve to spring free. Get A Quote


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